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Succeeding in the Era of the High-Velocity Transaction

An unprecedented amount of dry powder is fueling a seller’s market. Private equity buyers must be able to act with speed, agility, and confidence to keep pace with the tempo set by today’s sellers. Although market dynamics are favoring sellers, the ability to realize a deal’s full potential takes a level of expertise few organizations possess. Mercer is uniquely qualified to help private equity firms, whether buying or selling, to rapidly react and succeed in today’s high-velocity market.

Faster Timelines Colliding With “Time-Limited Cash”

Financial buyers that raise cash through limited partnerships are under enormous pressure to identify and execute deals within severely limited time constraints. Mercer can help private equity buyers perform accelerated yet effective due diligence, help mitigate risk, and ensure the deal gets done — all while setting strategy to help maximize value.

Sellers Beware

During such times, it’s all too easy for sellers to be lured into a false sense of security. The rush to close a deal can often lead to the risk of a sale collapsing, unless the seller’s strategy includes:

  • Reverse due diligence to identify “red flags” and “deal killers” to help alleviate a potential buyer’s concerns.
  • Aggressive project management to match today’s aggressive deal timelines.
  • Strategic perspective to help maximize monetization.

Putting Global Resources in Place in No Time

Mercer’s global footprint provides distinct advantages for both buyers and sellers. Operating in more than 130 countries means we can have the right resources in the right location, right away — resources who understand the language, the culture, and the local rules and regulations; resources who can help you close the deal on your timeline.


Mercer’s End-to-End M&A Process

Few companies have Mercer’s unique experience. We have a comprehensive understanding of the deal process. We have project management skills with proven methodologies and tools. We’re experienced consultants who can identify the risks, tasks, timing, and integration issues.

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