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Defined Benefits Pension Plans

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Anyone managing a defined benefits plan today faces persistent risks and evolving realities: market volatility, uncertain liabilities, shifting regulations, and pressure to reduce expenses and contributions. Succeeding in this landscape requires an agile strategy and process that can dynamically react to market conditions and seize opportunities while managing risk and expense.

Mercer’s Team Approach to Defined Benefits Plans

Mercer clients receive advice and solutions driven by an integrated interdisciplinary team of specialists. A core team of experienced consultants and analysts is supported by specialists in manager research, pension strategy, investment operations, and more. The core and specialist teams work together to provide clients holistic advice and continual guidance.

The size of Mercer’s operations means we can dynamically expand the team to bring the right professionals to bear on your organization’s specific issues as they arise. Whether it’s our global asset allocation team to handle big-picture strategic issues or our regional teams to handle local regulations, we’re able to provide solutions that scale to our clients’ needs. For multinational organizations, Mercer provides consistent management and execution regardless of the country or specialty.

Improving Surplus and Reducing Risks

Growth in assets relative to liabilities is a key tool for helping defined benefits plans meet their final obligations and funding objectives, and it requires an effective portfolio construction. Our investments team examines the major and minor asset classes and market/return drivers to create an optimal strategic plan to meet surplus growth objectives with an appropriate risk profile. Our experience and knowledge of the market and managers allow us to construct a portfolio of managers and funds to implement this strategic allocation in a way that improves potential returns and is cost-effective. At the same time, a deep understanding of the drivers of liability values and changes is critical to managing total pension risk. Our dedicated pension risk team and broad actuarial experience offer our clients truly comprehensive solutions.

Innovation Backed by In-depth Research

Critical to all our work is our dedication to research and innovation. Manager research, sophisticated risk and factor modeling, dynamic asset allocation, and pension surplus risk budgeting are some of the key areas in which we create positive results for our defined benefits clients. Our goal is to provide the insight and analysis to help you understand tomorrow, today.

How Mercer Can Help

Mercer can help defined benefits plans manage persistent risks, such as market volatility, uncertain liabilities, and pressure to reduce expense and contributions.




USGAAP(米国会計基準)、IAS (国際会計基準)、日本会計基準の報告書の作成や割引率などの計算基礎率についてのご提案・意思決定サポート、翌年度の退職給付費用の予測計算、会計基準の変更によって予想される財務インパクトに関するアドバイスなどのサービスを提供します。


マーサーのiRFM(Integrated Retirement Financial Management)モデルは、退職金・年金制度に経営目標を適切に反映させ、コスト効率を高めるのに有効なツールです。




本サーベイをご利用いただくことで、退職金・年金制度の給付水準・コスト水準を他社と比較したい、退職金・年金制度の市場動向を知りたい等のご要望にお応えすることができます。また、マーサーの給与・福利厚生に関する市場調査(Total Remuneration Survey)にご参加頂いている企業様向けには、固定給与に係る退職給付費用の割合の分析も行います。

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