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Martine Ferland

Martine Ferland

President and Chief Executive Officer, Mercer
Vice Chair, Marsh McLennan







Diverse Group People Working Together

  • Transcript

    What does it mean to be who I truly am? Being who you truly are means that you get to live in your power. It means taking a stand for yourself. It means speaking up for what you believe in. It means that you can speak freely and happily about your family, your love, life, your partner. It means having a weight lifted off your shoulders. It's about being authentic. It's about being real. It's about being solid and secure. Being about to show your identities and being able to say to the world, “this is who I am and I love it.” Because when I think about being my true self, especially now in this climate, I think about the fact that I have this kind of multiplicity of identities. I am a gay black man that's a father, a husband, I am a mother. I am a lesbian. I am Latina. I am bisexual. I’m trans and I don't do labels. I am gender queer and I'm so proud about it. I am truly just a human being, trying to have impact in the world. I'm a part of the whole. And I love who I am and I’d love for anyone else who has all of these intersectionality is to own them and to be proud of them and to carry them with them whatever they do. And so when we think about pride and why it's so important, especially now with what's going on, let's think about the Black community and let's think about the gay Black community. Like Black Lives Matter as an amplification of pride, like as a highlighting of the additional voices in the community that are black. And it's important that we use all the things that we can, whether it's our voices or the privilege that we have, the privilege that I have as a white man to raise the voices of people who might not otherwise be heard. Because we have a responsibility to the other ones, generations to keep fighting more rights, more equality. It's no longer good enough to just say, “oh, you have equal rights, that's okay” or “I don't see a problem” or “I don't see color, I don't see queerness.” It's not good enough anymore. You have to educate yourself. And I think that's what pride this year is about. It's about justice. It's about fighting for visibility. It's about fighting for equality. It's about fighting for human decency. It's about diversity. It's about being accepted. It's about making sure that you feel that you can occupy space in this world. It's about everyone being welcome at the table. And that is pride. Like I can see my human in you.




Representation: 従業員の多様性は、私たちが生活し、働く地域社会を反映しています。マーサーの従業員、ならびにインクルージョンとダイバーシティへのコミットメントについての詳細は こちら

Belonging: 黒人(black)、先住民(Indigenous)、有色人種(people of color) - BIPOCの社員のために、目に見えるAllies(アライ)とスポンサーとなるリーダー、ピープル・マネージャー、同僚を育成しています。

Thriving: すべての社員に公平な学習機会、能力開発、昇進、報酬を提供しています。



Listening better









Leadership accountability






Business resource groups (BRGs)



BRGは、マーサーの多様性ビジョン達成のために自発的に協力する仲間で構成され、当社の文化や環境の向上に重要な役割を担っています。各 BRG は、組織全体から独自のユニークなアイデアを集約し、最高の人材を雇用、開発、保持する能力、多様化する顧客基盤や社外コミュニティとの連携に焦点を当てています。


現在、マーサーには、以下のコミュニティからなるBRGがあります。Racial&Ethnic Diversity、Women@Mercer、Rising Professionals Network、AccessABILITIES、PRIDEです。

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Awards and recognition

We are proud to be recognized by leading publications, associations and studies for our achievements. Featured awards include:

Individual recognition

  • Gail Evans, Chief Digital Officer, 2021 Diversity Woman Media’s Elite 100 list of 100 extraordinary Black women executives changing the face of corporate America
  • Tony Wood, UK Leader MMB, 2021, OUTstanding LGBT+ exec role model (fourth consecutive year)


  • Rich Nuzum, President, Wealth, 2019 EMBARGO Project 1,000 campaign
  • Rich Nuzum, President, Wealth, and Mark McNulty, Partner, Wealth, 2019 #50for50 Campaign for LGBTQ+ Equality
  • Joanna O’Riordan, Global Operations Director, MSC, 2019 Excellence in Working with a Charity Award in Recognition of Trail Blazing Best Practice in Gender Balanced Leadership
  • Claire Skinner, Principal, Wealth, 2019 Women in Pensions Role Model of the Year

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