Health Care Program in Japan

Essentials to be competitive in Japanese hiring market



Overview 概要

*To HR personnel in charge of overseeing the Japan entity's benefits insurances.
*English Only

Health care programs are areas of high interest for employers looking into providing healthy and safe working environment, and improving employee well-being. However, due to its uniqueness, optimizing health care programs in Japan has been a challenge for HQ and APAC HR team.

In order to support the HR team, this seminar will explain overview of social security and details of statutory health care programs in Japan. The seminar will clarify what is covered by social security and what is not. (Frequently asked question, what is health insurance association and what they do will be also covered by this seminar.)

This seminar will be helpful for optimizing health care benefits provided by employer and related administration in Japan to improve employee experience and hiring/retention capability of company.



そのような人事部の皆さんを支援するため、本セミナーでは日本の社会保険の基本から始まり、法定のヘルスケアに関する制度で何がカバーされているのか(いないのか)をご説明します。(我々が頻繁にご質問を受ける健康保険組合についてもご説明をします。) そのうえで、雇用主の提供するべき福利厚生制度、海外から日本の会社をマネジメントするために必要なアドミニストレーションについてもご紹介します。



Program プログラム

  1. Japanese social insurance basics
  2. Details of statutory health care programs in Japan
  3. Health care programs by employer for market competitiveness and employee experience
  4. Introducing health care related administration optimization (Health check up related)

  1. 日本の社会保険の概要
  2. 健康に関する社会保障の詳細
  3. 雇用主が提供すべきヘルスケアプログラム
  4. ヘルスケアに関するアドミニストレーションの最適化(健康診断関連)


Target person 対象者

HR personnel in charge of overseeing the Japan entity's compensation & benefits or insued benefits.
※Participation of conpanies providing services similar to us may not be accepted.





Date and time 日時 
9 August 2022 (Tue)




Entry fee 参加費
Free event



Capacity 定員


Holding method 開催方法
Online (Zoom)

オンライン (Zoom開催)



Speaker 講師

髙橋 一平


Ippei Takahashi
Consultant, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Ippei has experience in implementing insured benefits to various multinational clients in Japan, along with taking part in benefit harmonization and housing benefit evaluation projects.
Holds a Bachelor's Degree from Sophia University, Faculty of Liberal Arts.


髙橋 一平 (たかはし いっぺい)
Mercer Marsh Benefits コンサルタント


瀧野 啓太


Keita Takino
Associate Consultant, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Since January 2018, Keita has been involved in Japanese companies looking abroad to manage benefits insurances and also consider international pooling, and also optimizing medical packages for expatriates. Currently, he mainly assists foreign companies in Japan to design and place benefits insurance programs.


瀧野 啓太 (たきの けいた)
Mercer Marsh Benefits アソシエイト コンサルタント



Inquiries お問い合わせ

Global Benefit Consulting, Mercer Japan
マーサージャパン株式会社 グローバル ベネフィット コンサルティング部門