Whose role is it

A career framework is a valuable foundation for organizations to link vital HR processes and lead to HR transformation.

Due to the number of impacts a career framework can have on workforce analytics, retention, performance management, succession management, rewards, career management and development, strategic ownership can be of question to organizations.

Simplified, career framework involves all levels of an organization to be successful. Each level of the organization has a role to play in the strategic vision and understanding of a career framework.


Many HR leaders know that implementing a career framework can provide a platform to achieve HR transformation and deliver the necessary infrastructure to make business strategy more effective. Leading companies around the world understand this premise and act on it. For them, a career framework provides a valuable platform for the execution of their talent management model to accelerate current and future business success. When built well, a strategic career framework delivers many tangible benefits for the organization as well as for its managers and employees. Leap forward with a career framework and start building for that unknown future.