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Research Perspectives - Vol. 5, Issue 1

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Research Perspectives - Vol. 5, Issue 1

Research Perspectives - Vol. 5, Issue 1

Welcome to Research Perspectives! This is our first issue of 2017, and it contains five articles that cover nuanced topics across various asset classes. We begin with a discussion of secured finance strategies, which have grown in popularity and variability over the last couple of years. We make a case for a multi-asset approach to secured finance. Our second article, Seeking Returns in Private Markets, encourages investors to consider private market investments in order to take advantage of three specific return drivers that are not available to the same extent in the public markets. We follow this with an important piece directed at investors considering a commitment to the Divest Invest pledge as a means of addressing climate change concerns within their investment portfolio. The article focuses on Mercer’s TRIP risk factor modelling framework (that is, Technology, Resource availability, Impact of physical damages, and Policy). The fourth article, Long Horizon Equity Investing, explores two distinct styles of long-term equity investing and a framework to better measure their success. And finally, we are reintroducing the Postcard feature. In this case, Deb Clarke, Global Head of Investment Research, closes out this edition of Research Perspectives with a Postcard report from Johannesburg where she is working with colleagues at our partner Alexander Forbes on investment issues with universal application.



  • Secured Finance Strategies and the Benefits of a Multi-Asset Approach (セキュアード・ファイナンス戦略とマルチアセット・アプローチによる恩恵)
  • Seeking Returns in Private Markets (プライベート市場での収益追求)
  • Assessing the Prospective Investment Impacts of a Low Carbon Economic Transition (低炭素経済への移行による将来の投資戦略への影響)
  • Long-Horizon Equity Investing – Can It Be Done? (長期的な視点に基づく株式投資 - 本当に可能でしょうか?)
  • Postcard from Johannesburg (ヨハネスブルクより/編集後記)
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