Mercer Belong® is our vision for how your employees experience their rewards - spanning health, wealth and career. Belong reaches all your employees on any device, allowing them to connect, learn, plan and transact wherever and whenever. And it’s as smart as it is good looking: Best-of-the-web design allows Belong to learn as employees use it, pushing content and features based on what they’ve viewed in the past.

Delivering a Rewards Experience for the Digital Age

In today’s digital age, communication – and distraction – are everywhere. 
Businesses are in overdrive, pushing for growth, searching for innovation, expecting 24/7 connection and commitment.

Belong is a digital solution for multiple channels that can drive success.

  • We use creative, compelling design and language to get attention and shape an experience.
  • We unlock value and unleash potential.
  • We deliver the right experience – nimble, needed, mobile, modern – to inform employees, align leaders and teams, inspire careers, drive appropriate action, and build trust.

We bring business and HR strategies to life.

We meet people where they are. Belong® reaches employees on any device.

  • For employees

    - Anytime, any place
    - Easy to access
    - Easy to use
    - Relevant to their unique needs
    - Always up to date
  • For HR

    - Leverages best-of-the-web design
    - Easy to implement and maintain
    - Generates usable data to target employees
  • For Your Business

    - Connects employees to rewards
    - Enhances brand and talent strategy
    - Serves as the internal voice of your business


Belong and the Belong mobile app are easy to use, always up-to-date, and allow your employees to connect whenever and wherever. 

Ready-made Rewards Content

  • Belong® comes with a repository of Mercer-developed and maintained rewards content for you to use. Always stay compliant with automatic updates and reminders. And, make simple site updates on the fly…Mercer helps with more complex updates or changes.

  • Send push notifications to targeted groups or individuals to increase employee performance and response. You can easily put an end to mass communication, ignored inbox spam, printed brochures, vendor mail-outs and low utilization pieces.
  • Belong® offers a guided implementation process with built-in updates. All you have to do is select the content, fill in the blanks, or define where you want to customize.